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CenturyLink Foundation Competitive Technology Mini-Grant Program

Administered by the Iowa Association of School Boards (IASB)


Introduction and Goal:
The Iowa Association of School Boards has received $45,000 from the Century Link Foundation to be awarded to Iowa educators demonstrating innovative classroom uses of technology. The goal of the mini-grant program is to provide support to educators who utilize technological tools to deliver instruction based upon rigorous curriculum expectations and increase the development of higher order thinking skills for all students.


The purpose of the competitive mini-grant program is to:
●  improve student learning through the innovative use of technology;
●  enhance the development of students’ higher order thinking and problem solving skills;
●  increase educators’ collaborative study of their content, practice, and student effects;
●  increase educators’ understanding of how to best integrate technology to improve student learning.


All Iowa PreK-12 public and private school districts that are located within a Century Link service area (with documented support from the building principal, the superintendent, and the school board president) are eligible to apply. This is intended to include teachers, principals, and district level administrators.

●  Eligible Districts 


Award Process:
Applicants will write and submit a full application. These applications will be read and judged by a statewide committee made up of representatives of PreK-12 educators, technology experts, and business leaders. This panel will identify applications that best meet the criteria for the mini-grant program. Final decisions will be made by IASB. CenturyLink and IASB will notify awardees by May 15, 2014. The total grants awarded will not exceed $45,000. Awards will be determined by the degree to which they correspond with the goal and purpose of the program as well as whether the applicant district is within a Century Link service area.

Application Materials
Please download the 2014 Century Link Abstract Proposal RFP below for instructions on how to apply for the grant. The link to the 2014 Century Link Abstract Proposal Form is below as well.


The application process is closed for the 2013-2014 year.


Grants are to be used by teachers to benefit the students in their classrooms.
CenturyLink service is neither required nor considered in review of applications.