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Leadership for Student Learning Book, Study Guide and DVD


Based on widely accepted practices of school improvement and original, objective research, this book identifies the key roles of school boards that can have a positive impact on student achievement. This book is a quick read that provides board members with expert guidance and fundamental information in easy-to-understand language. It is also a great reference for staff leadership teams and school improvement committees.

Here are a few examples of topics included in Leadership for Student Learning:

  • Lessons from Great Gains Districts: Across the country, some school districts are getting significant results in improving student achievement, especially in closing the achievement gap for poor and minority students. What do they do? We looked at several well-documented research studies for the practices school districts are putting in place to get results.
  • Insights from the Experts: Gain valuable perspective to help you better understand more about why these practices work along with the challenges many school districts face in putting them in place.
  • The School Board's Role: Using lessons from great gains districts as a backdrop, this section provides advice for your school board/superintendent team in taking action in a way that positions your district for success, based on insights from the Iowa Lighthouse Research Studies on the school board's role in improving student achievement.
  • Principles in Practice: Read real-life case studies about school boards in Iowa and across the country who are applying these concepts - and getting quantifiable results for their students.
  • The Board/Superintendent Team's Role in Eight Key Areas: high expectations for all, improving instruction, setting clear and focused goals, making professional development relevant and useful, using data for accountability and improvement, developing leadership and collaboration, connecting with the community, and staying the course.

Book Cost = $18 each for members; $27 each for non-members. Both costs include shipping. Bonus: With an order of six books, receive a complimentary "Committing to Success for All Students" DVD! This four-minute motivational video debuted at IASB's 2007 Convention.

Study Guide

Also, the Leadership for Student Learning Study Guide is available to help your entire board/superintendent team consider and discuss issues raised in the book. This practical tool includes complete instructions and reflection questions that can be used to facilitate 20-45 minute study sessions. Use it as part of board work sessions or board meeting learning segments.

Study Guide = $15
each for members; $22.50 each for non-members. Both costs include shipping, as well as reproduction rights for your board.


The four-minute motivational video "Committing to Success for All Students" embodies the research in the Leadership for Student Learning book, reminding us that all students can succeed with the commitment of the board members and educators around them. This DVD may be shown as a companion to the book and study guide or separately.


DVD = $30 each for members; $45 each for non-members. Both costs include shipping.

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