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Iowa Joint Utility Management Program (IJUMP)

In this era of stretched school budgets and rising energy costs, every dollar your district saves on energy is another dollar that can be spent on students. That’s the premise behind the Iowa Joint Utility Management Program (IJUMP).

This IASB-sponsored program was designed in 1997 by a member advisory committee with the assistance of energy and utility marketing professionals. After operating for more than 10 years under a pilot tariff by the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB), the IUB ruled the pilot program so successful they implemented a new permanent tariff. IJUMP continues to help school districts manage their budgets and increase savings. The program is administered by Seminole Energy Services.

For more information about participating in IJUMP, contact Brenda Christensen at Seminole Energy Services, (888) 710-4707.

The Association receives sponsorship revenues from the administrator that provides this program. These benefits fund IASB member programs and services. 

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