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The Carolyn Jons
Better Boardsmanship Award

Honoring the work of school, AEA and community college board members in Iowa.

Recognizing that learning and leadership on the part of board members makes a difference, at the board table and for students, IASB has developed an awards program to recognize board members who put forth extra time and energy to strengthen their boardsmanship abilities through formal inservice programs and services to other board members. Through this program, individual board members, board teams, and superintendents can receive credits for a wide range of activities.

Individual Award of Achievement

Board members are eligible to receive an Award of Achievement certificate for earning a minimum of 60 credits in one year. 40 of those credits must be earned in the Formal Learning category. To apply for the Individual Award click the link to the Individual application below.

Team Award of Achievement

An Award of Achievement plaque is presented to a whole board when a majority of its board members receive Individual Award of Achievement certificates for the year and the board has a policy that supports board development. To apply for the Team Award click the link to the Team application below.

Award of Honor

An Award of Honor certificate is given to each superintendent, AEA administrator or community college president who completes the eligibility requirements and at least two board members in the district, AEA or community college who have earned Individual Award of Achievement certificates.

To view the list of events that earn credits, click on the link below.

All board members have until August 1, 2015, to apply for the award based on activities during the 2014-15 school year. For information on applying, contact C.J. Bloyer at IASB, 1-800-795-4272, ext. 246.

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