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Member Benefits

IASB Policy and Procedures Services

Through its legal and policy services, IASB assists board members in operating their education programs and services in compliance with the law by providing assistance and guidance to help them minimize the risk of liability and the loss of assets.  Click on any of the items listed below to jump to that section.
      Membership Policy Services
      Policy Primer
      Custom Policy Manual Service
      Policy Manual Review
      Policy Consultation
      Sample Student Handbook
      Policy Reference Manual
      Individual Board Policy Manual 

Membership Policy Services

As an IASB member, you have access to help that includes:

  • answering policy-related questions by phone;
  • providing sample policies to assist school boards in policy development;
  • assisting in developing or revising a single school board policy; and,
  • visiting school boards to discuss their important role in policy development.
    Fee:  None

 Policy Primer Online Service

Issued as needed online, IASB's Policy Primer:

  • discusses current policy issues in education;
  • reflects recent legislative, court and agency decisions affecting policy;
  • assists school boards in updating policies to meet state educational standards;
  • updates the IASB Policy Reference Manual; and
  • provides samples of policies that comply with current law.
    Fee:  $200 per year. Contact Marte Brightman to order and set up log in access.

Custom Policy Manual Services

This service provides a school board policy manual which:

  • is custom-tailored and easy to use;
  • reflects your school district's policies, board minutes, employment contracts and handbooks;
  • is edited by your school board with the assistance of the IASB school attorney;
  • contains numbered policies, administrative regulations, exhibits, forms and an index;
  • complies with current laws and is supported by current legal references;
  • is provided in hard copy and electronically, so policies can easily be updated;
  • is color coded and cross-referenced to related policy statements; and
  • clearly reflects the intent of your school board.

The custom policy development benefits your school board by:

  • using school board members' time efficiently;
  • providing guidance for the administration; and
  • providing continuity and consistency of school board and administrator decisions.
    Fee:  Based on school district enrollment, call IASB for cost.

Policy Manual Review

This service reviews your school board's current policy manual and helps to bring it up-to-date by:

  • evaluating the manual comprehensively and each policy individually;
  • providing guidance in changing out-dated policies to comply with current law;
  • keeping your board in conpliance with the educational standards which require policy manuals to be reviewed every five years;
  • checking for clarity and language;
  • checking for consistency; and
  • providing your board with a "road map" outlining the areas requiring improvements and suggestions for making them.
    Fee:  $750.  Contact Marte Brightman for more information or to order.

Policy Consultation

Policy consultation is tailored to meet the unique needs of your school district. The service includes:

  • combining and updating policy manuals of school boards involved in reorganization or whole-grade sharing;
  • adding legal references or cross-references to current policies;
  • drafting or revising specific sections of a policy manual;
  • customizing IASB's Policy Reference Manual for individual school districts; and
  • providing other unique services on request.
    Fee:  $80 per hour

Sample Student Handbook Online Service

The Sample Student Handbook contains sample language and a series of checklists to determine whether your student handbook is complete.  The sample student handbook is offered in electronic format which is downloadable from the Internet to make it easier to use the sample language in your district's student handbook.  The Sample Student Handbook:

  • complies with current laws and regulations;
  • is consistent with the IASB Policy Reference Manual;
  • is updated as needed;
  • is comprehensive for grades K-12; and
  • is easy for parents and students to use and understand.
    Fee:  Free to IASB Members, available online at this link.

Policy Reference Manual Online Service

IASB's Policy Reference Manual is a comprehensive, easy to use, cost-effective way to ensure that your school district complies with state and federal laws. The manual is online and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in an easily downloadable format to use to update your individual policies.  The manual also includes a high-speed search engine enabling users to find all policies on a specific topic.  Subscribers are given a username/password to use the manual online.  Sample manuals can be viewed by going to

The IASB Policy Reference Manual:

  • contains approximately 600 pages of policies, administrative regulations, exhibits and forms, which are numbered and indexed, covering virtually every aspect of school operations;
  • includes current legal references reflecting the authority of the policy;
  • is an important tool for helping your school district comply with the Iowa Department of Education's requirement to review your policy manual every five years;
  • contains hyperlinks to the cross-referenced policies;
  • includes legal reference cites linked to the actual legal references enabling users to switch between the policy and legal authority with one click;
  • contains a digital table of contents allowing users to click on policy numbers to go directly to that policy;
  • is carefully organized so that the sample policies needed can be at your fingertips in a matter of minutes;
  • is consistent with the IASB Sample Student Handbook;
  • is kept up-to-date by using the information, sample policies, forms and supporting regulations provided in the Policy Primer.
    Fee:  $700 per year which includes the subscription to the Policy Primer Contact Marte Brightman to order and set up log in access. 

Individual Online Board Policy Manual

School districts can work with IASB’s vendor to convert their own policy manual to an Internet-based policy manual.  A local district’s policy manual will also be online and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in an easily downloadable format.  The manual will also include a high-speed search engine to enable users to find all policies on a specific topic.  It will include hyperlinks to take users from policy to policy and from policy to legal cite.  Your central office will no longer have to distribute board policies in ring binder format.  And your administrators will have confidence in the accuracy and currency of your online policy manual--fewer calls to the central office for clarification.
Fee: The cost is based on the current contract with vendor.

If your school district is interested in these services or you have additional questions, contact Josie Lewis at (515) 288-1991 or 1-800-795-4272.                                
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