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ICAT Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Project Delivery offers services throughout all phases of construction, from developing your Revenue Purpose Statement through your final walk-through. Through this approach to your construction project, the Iowa Construction Advocate Team (ICAT)  helps districts of all sizes take advantage of the penny sales tax funds to create the best possible learning environment in schools across the state and to ensure that every construction penny is spent in the most fiscally responsible manner.

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Facilities Evaluation Service

An initial Facilities Evaluation by ICAT can help your district determine the course of action that will best use your construction dollars and will include:

  • Facility tour and evaluation
  • Review capital improvement plans
  • Consult with superintendent, school board, stakeholders and other key personnel

The Facilities Evaluation also includes follow-up with a full report of findings and recommendations, which will be presented to the Board at your request.


Additional ICAT Services

  • Assistance with selecting architects and other construction professionals
  • Construction site and schedule evaluation, problem solving, and recommendations
  • Assistance in establishing Revenue Purpose Statements
  • Guidance on soliciting qualified contractors for competitive bids
  • Guidance with cash flow management, costs, and tools
  • Assistance in determining bonding and finance capacities
  • Reports to community and stakeholder groups/meetings
  • Assistance in architectural plan, costs, and constructability reviews
  • Facilitate value engineering sessions
  • Review contractor and district safety programs


  • Facilities Evaluation fee is $5,000-$7,000 plus expenses
    • $1,500 per additional building
  • Additional ICAT services can be provided at an hourly rate plus expenses.

Monies from PPEL, SILO, or the Statewide Penny can be used to pay for ICAT services.

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